About Us

About us

Australia’s Distinctive Love Couch

Experimentation and fun are so important whether it is hot lust, initial attraction or an ongoing relationship. At Amorsella, we want to bring couples (or more) closer together and give them a space to take their love (or lust) to new heights.

Rooms are often a reflection of ourselves, in furniture, art, colours and light. The right combination leads to better feelings including better sex. There is no point denying attraction, passion and lust and instead striving to get the most of life.

Our loveseat or love couch improves the angle of penetration in a wide variety of positions. The physical effort of the couple to achieve these different positions is also reduced so the focus is on the other person and a more natural way to flow together.

Create a space for love

In many relationships, the level of sexual activity declines over time. Life gets in the way, the spark dies down and tired couples see the bed as only a place to sleep! At Amorsella, we believe a dedicated space for love is important to remind couples of their passion and bring them closer. Domestic bliss should still include the erotism and intimacy natural and needed by all humans.

Our lovecouch is a stylish piece of furniture that will remind a couple to take the time for love. At the same time, its elegant lines will blend into any bedroom or hotel room with style and grace. Only its users will know the secret of this couch kept for those moments of intimacy.

Girl Model

All the positions you can imagine

Discover by yourself new Kamasutra sofa positions or follow the guide below to get rolling.

With some imagination  and an enthusiastic partner, the possibilities of the Amorsella are endless.

Ways to make love 1
Ways to make love 2
Ways to make love 3
Ways to make love 4
Ways to make love 5
Ways to make love 6
Ways to make love 7
Ways to make love 8
Ways to make love 9
Ways to make love 10
Ways to make love 11
Ways to make love 12

Make a space for love